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About Us

Founded in 2007, London Regional Alliance (LRA) is an independent company that specialises in the recovery of public sector, utilities and corporate debt (groups) and over payments. We scrutinise the work of these groups on the instruction of third party clients and high net worth individuals.

We have undertaken extensive, ongoing research into the financial accounts of these groups. We have discovered that these groups sometimes benefit from substantial funds and over payments with no precedent set for re-allocation of these monies.


In the current economic climate, we believe our work is essential in preserving healthy businesses and also believe that our work to improve the financial security of our clients, helps protect consumers against inflated prices in the future.


In particular we have already identified a sizeable surplus of payments held by a number of groups. These payments were ostensibly paid in order for the money to be invested into services. Our findings are that, a significant proportion of these payments have not been used at all or used incorrectly. LRA represents a large number of clients in negotiations to secure repayment of these funds.


LRA, along with existing clients, are committed to making financial donations to charitable organisations, from funds recovered. 

Leaders in the Field


Extensive data on payments in London over the past 15 years

Track record

A successful track record of reclaiming payments for clients

Legal backing

A Legal position validating repayments due

Strong team

Legal, research and implementation teams ready to act for you

Existing cases

Demands already in place against various groups

Win Win Strategy

A no refund no fee policy

Firm Partners

The firm is valued for its strategic and proactive approach. Its lawyers are trained to work as an integral part of the client’s team and to keep in mind the client’s  priorities and business objectives. The goal is to provide clear, straightforward legal advice, together with strategic recommendations where necessary. 



The firm has developed over the past two decades into a brand known for legal excellence and outstanding client service. It has expanded from its roots as a specialist real estate practice into a much broader firm, whilst keeping its focus fixed firmly on the real estate sector. 


Brecher now provides advice in many more areas, including banking and finance, corporate, tax, insolvency, dispute resolution, planning, private wealth and construction, all of which complement the firm’s core real estate capability.


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